Body Positive Art Hoe


The other campers at Camp Wannakiki call her their imaginary friend.  C’est Kevvie is a 4-year-old drag queen from Chicago.  The name “C’est Kevvie” is French for “It’s Kevvie,” which is a play on the expression “c’est la vie” meaning “such is life.”  Known as the body positive art hoe, Kevvie celebrates her body with her drag while finding inspiration in art history, horror, and clowns.  After seeing a plethora of thin drag queens wearing lingerie and other revealing looks, and limited representation of plus size queens in similar outfits, Kevvie began to show off more of her natural body; she doesn’t pad or corset in drag, and displays her fat proudly.  Kevvie is the mother of the House of Travesties, a House that embraces physical and mental disability.  Her disabilities include sleep apnea, generalized and social anxiety, depression, and bulging discs in her spine.

Out of drag, 24-year-old Kevvie is a transgender woman.  She began coming out and transitioning in 2013, and began Hormone Replacement Therapy in April, 2017.  Currently completing her Master’s at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Kevvie is studying Museum and Exhibition Studies, with a focus on Drag History.  Upon completing her Master’s, she plans on opening a Drag Museum in Chicago.